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1721- 1734 The mill was built as a tidal-powered grist mill
1735-1827 Various owners
1827 Henry Slade acquired a share of the mill and
began to grind snuff as well as corn
1837 Slade’s sons, David and Levi, joined the business
and started to grind spices.
1850 - mid-1900s D&L Slade Company became the largest producer
of spices in New England and an important part of Asian trade with
New England
1918 D&L Slade Company acquired Bell’s Seasonings and consolidated manufacturing at the mill
1932 The mill was converted to electricity
1972 The mill was added to the National Register of Historic Places.

2004 Gut and converted to apartments by Robert Brooker

2014 Bought by Christopher Shachoy

2017 Purchased by SUNYU Properties 


One Bedroom


800-900 sq ft. Two bedroom size. Good sizes of living and bedroom.


400-500 sq ft one bedroom size studio. 

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